About Battens Farm

The Battens Farm Promise

Here at Battens Farm Online Butchers, we have made a commitment that any beef, pork or lamb will only be considered for our meat boxes that is sourced as locally as possible and only from the West Country. We have built up long term relationships with our suppliers over many years, ensuring high levels of consistency and quality. Free Range Poultry is sourced exclusively from the award winning Castlemead Farm in Somerset.

Everything you buy from our website will arrive to you fresh ready for you to refrigerate or freeze if you choose. You do not even need to be home to receive delivery, all our deliveries arrive in award winning Wool Cool insulated packaging meaning the contents will stay cool until you get home later in the day or evening.

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Who are we and where are we?

Battens Farm Online Butchers is run by the Baker family from Nailsea, North Somerset. We aim to combine our experience, skills and passion for our meat to provide the ultimate meat box delivery service – from pasture to plate. As a family we have over 100 years of experience in the meat sector, and the family business is now into its 5th generation.

Our butchery and distribution facility is run by Toby, Stephanie and James Baker. 

Our Meat

Our beef, lamb and pig carcasses are stored in our dedicated carcass chillers, designed to dry age – by far the most effective ageing method.

This is vital in ensuring the tenderness of the meat you buy from us, which is why our beef steak meat is hung for approximately 21 days before being butchered and sent out in your meat box.

Our experienced and highly skilled butchery team is managed by Jason Foxwell (pictured). Jason is vastly experienced and has worked in all aspects of the meat industry across the country.

Doing all our maturing, butchery, processing and packaging in-house is very important in allowing us to scrutinise every step of the process. 

What is dry-aging and why does it make the meat taste so good?

Dry-aging is hanging of the carcass in a position where it is allowed to rest, in very carefully controlled conditions (temperature 0-2 degrees) for varying lengts of time depending on the carcass. In creating these perfect conditions, we allow enzymes in the meats’ muscle cells to begin to break down the meats’ proteins, fats and glycogen into amino acids, fatty acids and sugars.

Dry-aging also causes meat to lose some of its moisture, approximately 5%. It may not sound like much of a change, but it means the flavours and the tissue become more concentrated. So there is slightly less juice when you cook, but the juices are even more delicious than normal. The over-all benefit compared to wet-aging is that you end up with very tender, succulent meat with an intense flavour.