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Blog » More meat boxes than ever available at Battens Farm

More meat boxes than you can shake a stick at from Battens Farm

If you have ever considered buying meat online, often you will be faced with a relatively limited range of produce. In addition, you may not know where it has come from, what environment the animals have been raised in, or even how fresh the meat is - it may even have been frozen before being thawed and butchered. At Battens Farm we take great pride in being able to assure all our customers that our meat is locally sourced, comes from farms we know, comes from animals whose welfare is looked after and which has been slaughtered and butchered here at Battens Farm.

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As an example and to ensure that your beef arrives with you in the best condition and also lovely and tender, we dry hang it for 21-28 days. Here at Battens Farm we want to do our utmost to ensure that after you have placed your first online meat order it won’t be your last. However, while the supermarket may sell you a tough bit of steak, if you usually use that supermarket you will more than likely still buy your meat there. At Battens Farm we only sell meat so we won’t try and continually get you to buy something that would be better suited to stitching to the bottom of your shoes!

When it comes to choosing your meat we have a fantastic range of meat and poultry, making it a great experience when buying your meat online.We do a luxury steak meat box, a taster meat box, a slow cooker special meat box and even a gift meat box. Then of course there is the half lamb meat box, a half pig meat box and our favourite, the surprise meat box. Then again if you are keeping a close eye on your weight we even have a muscle builder’s, meat box, a slimmer’s meat box, a recovery meat box and also a nutrition meat box.

Of course if you have a particular favourite, you can even build your own meat box and the best bit of all, we do door-to-door delivery of any meat box ordered from Battens Farm here in Nailsea, Bristol. So if you want to discover what really good meat tastes like why not place your first order with us and we can virtually guarantee it won’t be your last.