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Blog » Because of the British climate, why not buy adaptable meat for your barbecue?

When we refer to adaptable meet, we don't mean brief that can change into pork or lamb can change into chicken, we are talking about cuts of meat that are great if cooked on a barbecue but equally delicious if cooked in the kitchen. There is always an increased level of anxiety if ever you invite friends round for a barbecue if the invitation is sent out a week in advance as nobody, not even the Met Office can accurately predict the British weather seven days in advance.

If you are one of the many new converts to Battens Farm meat boxes and have discovered how easy it is to order meat online, you will also know that we have an extensive range of meat cuts and products. While we will happily rave on about our juicy beef burgers and tasty sausages, it is not so easy to turn these into a tasty indoor meal unless you want to add them to a mixed grill. However, if you think carefully about what to cook on your barbecue, pork chops, chicken thighs, steak and cuts of lamb or barbecue beautifully. Better still, if the heavens do decide to open on the day your friends are coming round for a barbecue, very easily you can change the recipe into something you cook in the oven and you can still have a really enjoyable evening without stressing over how to feed everybody.

Located in the heart of some beautiful countryside to the south west of Bristol, here at Battens Farm we have some of the finest locally produced meat and we know from personal experience that you really can taste the difference between the meat from Battens Farm and the meat you would buy from a supermarket. If you don't already know then we would strongly recommend you try a selection of our cuts and create your own meat box which we will be delighted to deliver to your door step at a time that is convenient for you.