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Blog » Buy meat online or buy at the supermarket?

If you buy your meat from the supermarket you really should try a meat box from Battens farm

It is very tempting when you go to the supermarket to do all your shopping in one go. You only have to go past the meat counter to see everything neatly laid out in bright and appealing packages, but you have no idea where it has come from. In fact, even the meat is bright and appealing, though if you really want to understand what good meat is about, and by good meat we’re not talking expensive meat, you really should try a home delivery of some of the finest meat available.

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We are actually that keen for you to try our meet, among all the big boxes we have available we even have a Taster Box just to introduce you to the wonderful flavours of meat from Battens Farm. Of course you may be thinking that it will be extra hassle getting your meat separately, but for the sake of a few minutes the first time, and a few seconds thereafter, it is remarkably easy to order your meat online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

In ordering meat online from Battens Farm you can pick and choose exactly what you want from our wholly traceable pork, lamb, beef and chicken, and all of which is butchered and packed in our own butchery at Battens Farm. Of course there is another beauty of ordering all your meat from Battens Farm here in Nailse, Bristol, and that is if you have a deep freeze as all our meet is packed fresh and therefore perfect for freezing when delivered to your home.

Originally we used to provide meat for local businesses and the community, but word-of-mouth spread and we found ourselves expanding to the point where we can now deliver your online meat order to anywhere in the UK. As a real treat, and especially with Christmas coming up, why not treat yourself to something different this year from an online meat supplier, Battens Farm, and be guaranteed some of the most delicious meat you will have ever tasted?

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