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Blog » The Convenience Of Buying Meat Online

Battens Farm Online Butchers deliver to your home or office, nationwide.

This week our thoughts are turning to convenience, and how to make our general tasks such as cooking healthy meals, shopping for ingredients for healthy meals and batch cooking easier. As a young family ourselves we are well aware of the demands of juggling everyday chores and often question how working parents ever get any of those essential life chores done. The quest for the most convenient option (for everything) is at the top of our agenda as I am sure it is for most mums and dads.

With young children and busy lives the most basic things are suddenly really rather challenging. There is no 'popping into the supermarket to pick up a few bits' and there is certainly no two hour slot to cook up a tasty, healthy delicious meal. So how does one keep the family well fed with good food when there is little time and little energy left at the end of a long busy day?

The answer to that is Battens Farm online butchers. Our boxes enable a busy working family to still provide healthy, well balanced meals for all the family to enjoy. Granted, enlisting the help of the trusty slow cooker will be a great help, but eating well and ensuring the children eat well does not have to be compromised because of lack of time. Buying meat online could not be easier, it takes five minutes to get your order in your shopping basket and the rest is dealt with for you, you do not even need to be in to receive the delivery. It is convenience like this that makes the juggling act of working with a young family just that little bit easier.