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Blog » Is it too soon to think about a barbecue now that winter's over?

Yes, we know the answer to that question, but it does no harm to have something good to look forward to as it is never too early to get the barbecue kit out, really. We even know of customers who barbecued their Christmas turkey, though they did eat it indoors! However, it is difficult not to get the taste buds ready for action when you look at an article like the one in the Daily Telegraph on ten great barbecue recipes.

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The best (or is it worst) thing about all these recipes is they look fantastic and we can supply all the meat for these recipes with our door-to-door meat delivery service and succulent and juicy online meat boxes. Looking at the recipes, the black peppercorn and garlic bavette baps look like perfection and especially when you use locally sourced meat from farms around our premises at Battens Farm, Nailsea near Bristol.

Being able to order the best cuts at sensible prices means that placing a meat order online can be done with an assurance that what you receive you will be 100% happy with. So why not check out a few more of the barbecue recipes in the article and then think about what you would like to order from us.