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Blog » Lambing Time at Stuart's Farm

Lambing time has been very busy for our sheep farmer Stuart but with 60 ewes out of over 900 left to lamb, he had time for a catch up and drive around the farm.

Lambing is a very important occasion in the sheep farming year and Stuart has everything organised to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

A few days before the expectant ewes are due to lamb they are brought from the fields into a light and airy lambing shed next to the farmhouse where they can be monitored by Stuart and readily assisted if necessary. Once each ewe has lambed she is moved to an individual pen with her lambs to ensure that the lambs are feeding well and at 2 days old are move back out to the fields.

The ewes and lambs are kept in small groups, determined by the lambs' age and checked several times a day by Stuart and his family.

"I like to ensure that the ewes are kept as calm and quiet at all times. The ewes are in for a few days before they lamb and then back out once the lambs are 2 days old, so that I can monitor the health of both ewes and lambs at this critical time. Each ewe is given a number which is sprayed onto her fleece and her lambs have the same number so that if I see a lamb on its' own in the fields I can quickly reunite it with its' mother."

Stuart's sheep graze extensively on the Somerset Levels year-round, enjoying quiet and stressful living.