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Blog » Meat Delivery In And Around London

Looking at statistics we can see that our meat delivery service is extremely popular in and around London.

Being such a busy City with many of it's inhabitants rushing about with little time to think about Supermarket shopping it's easy to see why a delivery system works well. A monthly box subscription means they can set their box to be delivered each month in the safe knowledge that they are buying the quality they are used to from a farm to plate company.

Ordering online is simple.

meat delivery London

We have found that our customers really do appreciate the fact that our meat is completely traceable. Gone are the days when it was all about the cost and little attention was given to whether or not the cattle were free range or not. These days consumers are rather more discerning and value the fact that what they are eating has been well treated and allowed to roam freely.

According to ShopperVista, an ongoing monitor of British grocery shoppers, around a fifth of households are buying groceries online every month. Of these, a third use online as their main channel for buying food and groceries, with two thirds using it a secondary channel.