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Blog » Buying food online is no longer a novelty

Buying food online is no longer a novelty

Our shopping habits are changing and much of this is brought around through our need to work longer hours and consequently being left with less time to go shopping. It is certainly true to say that the death of the weekly shop has happened and it is no surprise to discover that consumers like yourself are looking for alternative ways to take the hassle out of making sure there is always plenty of food at home.

Supermarkets have certainly opened the door to online shopping to the point where today the novelty factor has worn off and convenience, plus practicality, make this a very viable alternative to thundering around a packed supermarket which, apart from anything else, does little to improve stress levels. Here at Battens Farm at Nailsea, just west of Bristol, we are aware of this change in your shopping habits and have adapted our business accordingly. Today from the comfort of your home or at the desk in your office you can now order meat online from one of the South West’s premier online meat suppliers.

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Door to door meat delivery of locally produced Aberdeen Angus beef, pork, lamb or chicken means your larder will never be empty. Ordering our meat boxes online couldn’t be simpler and we even provide ready boxed selections to make it even quicker and easier to buy meat online.

Quality to us is critical so we know exactly where our produce comes from and the environment in which it has been raised. We are determined to ensure that when you buy your meat online from battens farm you will never be disappointed. If you haven’t tried this before then don't forget that we have the Battens Taster Meat Box which is a great way to discover just how good our meat is.