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To be the best you have to eat the best. At UK Supplement Reviews we value quality products above all else so that's why we've hand selected these choice cuts of meat that will not only taste amazing but deliver the results you crave. All of Battens Farm meat is free range, Free Range meat will always have the nutritional edge over other farming methods due to the animals fresh diet, you'll get a higher concentration of vitamins, Omega-3 fats (good fats), natural CLA (great fats) and get less Omega-6 fats (bad fats). In other words you get better meat with Battens Farm!

We have included the bodybuilding staple Chicken. Lots of Chicken. 1KG of Diced Chicken Breast, Chicken Legs and, of course, Chicken Breasts. Quick, easy to cook and packed full of lean protein. Diced chicken is great for preparing lunches ahead of time. Chicken Breasts require no explanation but Chicken Legs are often forgotten. They don't need to covered in the Colonel's Secret Recipe to taste great - a simple rub to season and bake or grill them to get a bit of variety whilst still getting the benefit of lean meat. Lamb and Pork products are often pushed aside due to the higher fat content but considering that you are getting "good" fats they can easily be incorporated into a healthy, lean diet. Lamb mince makes a nice change from Beef and can be made into a delicious meatball bolognese. Bacon and Sausages should be eaten sparingly but are great for a high protein cheat meal.

Here's what we've all been waiting for Beef. Lets face it any Sirloin Steak is amazing but Battens Farm Sirloin is the best. Its high in protein, has a decent level of CLA and is the definition of a fitness freaks favourite meal. Thow some sweet potato wedges on, boil some broccoli and that's Friday's night dinner is sorted! Beef mince meat is a personal favourite of mine its so versatile and it's easy to cook a variety of amazing meals with - who said eating healthily had to be boring. With 1KG of mince meat you'll be able to cook up several beauties throughout the month - a huge batch of Chili Con Carne with Kidney Beans and spinach is my recommendation. The king of this box is the Topside Roasting Joint - at 1KG there is no shortage of meat. I like to cook it up on a Sunday and use the leftovers for lunch throughout the week. Treat yourself to some of Battens Farm Hot Horseradish Sauce for an amazing protein packed roast beef leftover sandwich.

This is a big box of meat for people that take their training, recovery and muscle growth seriously. You can never have too much protein!


Diced Chicken Breast Free Range-1 x 1kg

Free Range Chicken Legs - Pack of 4

Free Range Chicken Breasts - Pack of 4 0

Lamb Mince -1 x 400g

Free Range Home Cured Streaky Bacon - 1 x pack of 10 slices

Free Range Traditional Pork Sausages - Pack of 6

Topside Roasting Joint - 1 x 1kg joint

Beef Burgers- 4 x 4oz

Lean Beef Mince - 2 x 500g

Sirloin Steak - 2 x 200g

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