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Blog » What's Your Favourite Meat?

Let's face it, we all have our favourite meat. Invariably this favouritism stems back to Sunday lunches at home, and your mother's culinary skills. Was it a succulent joint of rolled roast sirloin or perhaps a joint of pork? For many roast chicken takes a lot of beating, though there is something very special about a roast leg of spring lamb. Then of course there comes all the trimmings. Lashings of thick gravy, roast potatoes and where appropriate Yorkshire pudding. Are you one of those who virtually turns the same colour as a Brussel sprout just at the mention of one, or are you a Brussel sprout aficionado?

Here at Battens Farm, renowned for our superb meat boxes online, we have the best choice of the best cuts of the best farmed animals. Wherever possible we source our meat locally to our base here in Nailsea, near Bristol and it is all fully traceable, which we consider to be extremely important these days. We pride ourselves not just on the quality of our meat as far as tenderness is concerned, but flavour is oh-so-important and should never be compromised. We know for a fact that a number of our customers, once they have tried our meat, never buy supermarket meat again, preferring to place a monthly online order for one of our meatboxes instead.

Apart from having your meat delivered right to your doorstep, a great advantage of our meatboxes is that you don't have to take what you are given. Yes, we have specifically made up meatboxes, but you can create your own, allowing you to add some extra portions of your favourite meat to them. And if you haven't bought your meat from us here at Battens farm before, why not try our Taster meatbox, it isn't called 'taster' by chance and it is a great way to discover the difference between the meat you are currently buying and the meat we sell.

Please feel free to create your own online meatbox, but if you have any queries about any of our produce, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.