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About Us

The Baker BoysThe Battens Farm Promise

Here at Battens Farm Online Butchers, we have made a commitment that any beef, pork or lamb will only be considered for our meat boxes that is sourced directly from our small, trusted group of local farmers. Free Range Poultry is sourced exclusively from the award winning Castlemead Farm in Somerset. All beef, pork and lamb comes through our small abattoir that we run ourselves - both our site and Castemead's are guaranteed non-ritual slaughter abattoirs. This is what sets us apart from the rest, our assurance of complete traceability due to our unique facilities being combined with our extensive experience in farming and butchery.

Who are we and where are we?

Battens Farm Online Butchers is run by the Baker family from Nailsea, North Somerset. We aim to combine our experience, skills and passion for our meat to provide the ultimate meat box delivery service - from pasture to plate. As a family we have over 100 years of experience in the meat sector, and the family business is now into its 5th generation.
Our small abattoir and butchery facility is run by Toby, Russell and James Baker. Together we continue to uphold the high standards instilled by previous generations and constantly strive to offer a first class service. Traditionally, we have only supplied our meat on a local basis, but we are thrilled to respond to regular requests from family and friends across to the country to 'find a way' of getting our wonderful meat to them. We are delighted to extend our service nationwide with the help of our courier partners at Priority Express.

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We feel we are different to our competitors as we are in control of every step of the process. We are fortunate in having strong links with local farmers built up over many, many years, our own small abattoir and butchery facility tailored specifically to meet the highest retail standards. Having this unique combination allows us to scrutinise every step of the process, ensuring the ultimate standards in animal welfare, traceability, product quality and customer service are always met.