Guide to freezing meat

At Battens Farm Online Butchers we realise home freezing is essential in planning your meal times to suit you. We recommend that all fresh meat should be frozen on the day you receive your delivery unless it will be consumed soon after. Beef, lamb and pork products can be refrigerated up to 3 days, and 1-2 days for fresh poultry.

Frozen foods will keep safely in the freezer indefinitely. We do however recommend not freezing longer than 6 months for all fresh meat products so the flavour and texture of your meat isn't affected.

When freezing fresh meat it is important to wrap it appropriately. When meat is frozen at peak quality it will taste better when thawed and cooked. It is important to ensure each meat product is sufficiently wrapped to eliminate 'freezer burn'. Freezer burn occurs when air reaches the meat.

If the meat has been removed from our vacuum packed bag, we would recommend using a large sheet of moisture-resistant freezer wrap which can fold over the items 2-3 times, before placing the items in moisture resistant freezer bags.

'Resting meat' - before and after cooking

Allowing meat to rest before and after cooking can only add to the overall enjoyment of eating the contents of your Battens farm meat box. Resting meat before cooking allows the chilled meat to relax and enables the meat to be cooked evenly throughout. Without meat being allowed to rest (usually 30 minutes) there is a chance the meat will be overcooked on the outside and rare in the middle (particularly when cooking steaks). After cooking we advise again to allow the meat to rest. This allows the meat to stand away from the heat before serving. The juices which have been driven to the centre of the meat are able to be redistributed throughout the meat and be re-absorbed. As a result the meat will lose less juice when you cut it and be far more tender and juicy to eat.

Vacuum packed meat

Meat should be rested on a warm plate covered loosely with foil. If it is covered too tightly the hot meat can lose valuable moisture.

The time taken to rest depends on the size of the cut. We suggest resting roasting joints for 10-20 minutes before carving. Steaks and chops for 5 minutes (but no less than 3) before serving.

The majority of meat in our Battens farm meat boxes arrives to you vacuum packed. Vacuum packing assists in the preservation of meat by removing air in the bag. All items are labelled with use by dates to assist you in planning when to cook your meals.