How our regular meatbox delivery works

The first step is to choose which box size will suit you best.

We offer three sizes:
Small: this is ideal for couples and will generally contain 8 meat items.
Medium: ideal for a couple or smaller families and will generally contain 11 meat items.
Large: perfect for larger families, typically containing 15 meat items.

Next you need to choose how often you would like your meat box to be delivered.

We will deliver on the same day of the week every two, four or six weeks - you can easily contact us to change the frequency later.

Lastly you will need to choose the date you would like your first box delivered.

The day that this falls on will form the basis for your regular deliveries, so if your first delivery is on a Thursday then we will always deliver to you on a Thursday.

If you're ready to get started then click Regular Meat Boxes to choose your size.