Nutrition meat boxes by Mark Wilde

Mark Wilde Nutrition

We are delighted to team up with London based nutritionist and personal trainer Mark Wild.

Mark is a highly regarded, passionate, health and fitness professional. Director of Mark Wild Health and Mentor4life, he has over 10 years experience in the industry and has been nominated twice for national trainer of the year, and is currently on the shortlist for a worldwide ‘personal trainer to watch’ award.

“Protein is a vital part of every person’s diet, providing us with nutrients that support and promote muscle growth and repair. Protein also makes up many vital hormones and enzymes associated with our metabolism and immune system. For individuals partaking in sports, the consumption of good quality protein will have a direct influence over performance and recovery. There is no doubt that the best form of protein comes from high quality meat – which is why I recommend using Battens Farm’s locally and responsibly sourced, high quality meat boxes” says Mark.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain more muscle or just need to plan a host of healthy protein based meals to get you through a demanding block of training – give our locally sourced premium meat boxes a try.