Our Farmers

We are very fortunate here at Battens Farm that our family has built relationships with local farmers over a long period of time. We know how much effort goes into their work and our relationships with them are based on understanding and trust as well as paying them a fair price all year round through the good times and the bad.

Lamb – Miss Dodgson – Stogursey, Somerset.

We only use a small group of local lamb farmers to select to choose the lamb for our meat boxes. One of our longest serving suppliers is Leonie Dodgson. Leonie has been supplying us with her delicious, nutritious grass fed lambs for nearly a decade now and we love her simple mantra for sheep farming – ‘The sheep should be happy, with a stress free life’.

Tucked between the coast and the Quantock Hills, the Dodgson family has farmed in the area since the 1920s. The views they enjoy are incredible; perhaps some of the best Somerset has to offer.

Kept outdoors year round, the flock of 470 ewes is quiet and content, grazing the lush green fields. Leonie keeps a close on every aspect of the job and undertakes regular checks of the entire farm. She walks or drives round the sheep each day without disturbing them, to check they are all happy and healthy. Working collies Flint and Flame are always on hand to help Leonie if there are sheep that need attention.

Free Range Chicken – Stuart Perkins – Castlemead Farm, Radstock, Somerset.

We are delighted to source our free-range chicken exclusively from Stuart Perkins. Stuart is as dedicated a farmer as you could wish to meet.

Castlemead chickens are allowed to grow at their own speed making their meat truly succulent, with a rich and memorable flavor. The chickens are processed on his site to ensure minimum movement and stress.

The chickens enjoy the best welfare standards, with fresh bedding and constant access to food and water. From morning to nightfall the chickens are free to roam the fields surrounding their houses, incorporating all nature has to offer into their diets to compliment the locally grown cereals and home grown barley they are fed. They are not given any additives, growth hormones or anything that will alter the way they grow.

At night they return to their houses for protection from the elements and the local foxes and of course, a good nights sleep.

Free Range Pork – James Mitchell – Taunton, Somerset.

All of our fresh free-range pork comes from James Mitchell. Nestled in the beautiful Somerset countryside is a herd of pampered pigs expertly managed by James and his dedicated team. Their diet is made up from homegrown wheat and barley to produce his home milled feed. The straw from the wheat and barley crops is used to provide the pigs with super soft bedding.

James’ farm offers stress free living for the pigs, with a variety of fields for them to roam in, individual pens for expectant mums and runs for younger pigs to live in small groups to ensure the best management. There are also sprinkler systems installed in the fields to ensure plenty of muddy puddles are available for the pigs to keep cool in the hot summer months.

James and his team keep a close eye on all aspects of animal health and welfare. Together with careful breeding and the best nutrition, Battens Farm are confident we are including the best quality pork in our meat boxes.


Our main beef supplier is our uncle Danny Baker, who farms on the lush Battens Farm fields. Once processed, the beef is dry-aged on the bone, all steak meat remains on the bone for between 21-30 days ensuring immense flavor and a consistently high standard of our final product.