Our Meat

Our beef, lamb and pig carcasses are stored in our dedicated carcass chillers, designed to dry age - by far the most effective ageing method. This is vital in ensuring the tenderness of the meat you buy from us, which is why our beef steak meat is hung for approximately 21 days before being butchered and sent out in your meat box.

What is dry-aging and why does it make the meat taste so good?

Dry-aging is hanging of the carcass in a position where it is allowed to rest, in very carefully controlled conditions (temperature 0-2 degrees) for varying lengts of time depending on the carcass. In creating these perfect conditions, we allow enzymes in the meats' muscle cells to begin to break down the meats' proteins, fats and glycogen into amino acids, fatty acids and sugars. Dry-aging also causes meat to lose some of its moisture, approximately 5%. It may not sound like much of a change, but it means the flavours and the tissue become more concentrated. So there is slightly less juice when you cook, but the juices are even more delicious than normal. The over-all benefit compared to wet-aging is that you end up with very tender, succulent meat with an intense flavour.

Fresh or Frozen?

All of our meat arrives to you fresh, ready for you choose if you store it in the fridge or the freezer. All mince, steaks, joints and other cuts arrive vacuum packed with all appropriate information on the freezer proof labels. Sausages, burgers and some ready to cook items will arrive in trays wrapped in film. Everything is packed safely and securely into your temperature controlled meat box before being delivered to you.